About TLC

Technology LUV Committee



Our Mission Statement


Our Purpose:

“To inspire our Employees to OWN, strengthen, and promote our legendary culture.” - CWCC

Our Vision:

“Champion a Culture through which everyone knows that they matter.” - CWCC

Our Mission:

The mission of TLC is to Connect, Inspire and Cultivate an environment where all Technology Employees can take pride in our department while engaging in the Culture and giving back to the communities we serve.

Who is TLC?

Technology LUV Committee (TLC) is a dynamic group of volunteers who go above and beyond their regular work duties to serve as Culture Ambassadors of Southwest Airlines Technology department. TLC plans, organizes and sponsors various events to increase Employee engagement while preserving Southwest’s Culture. Events range from Ambassador Field Visits, Deck Parties, Family Events, Golf Tournament, Holiday Party, Monthly Team Appreciations to impromptu opportunities to foster the Fun-LUVing attitude. But the heart of what we do is giving back, whether it’s to our fellow Employees or to the communities we serve. We plan several events throughout the year to support our local community as well as the Southwest Employee Catastrophic Assistance Charity. Collectively these events help us all develop a special bond with our Co-Hearts while living the Southwest Way.



Meet our 2019 Co-Chairs

Julanne Groezinger, Courtney Kocurek, Chris Gorski

Julanne Groezinger, Courtney Kocurek, Chris Gorski


Meet our 2019 Committee Leads

2019 - TLC Leads cropped.png

Front Row from left to right:

  • Family Event | Jackie Krevolin
  • Fun Stuff | Amy Bloodworth
  • Appreciations | Casey Malone
  • Halloween | Michael Levee
  • Holiday Party | Allison Lotter
  • Deck Party | Megan Rauber
  • Treasurer | Jyothi Titus

Back Row from left to right:

  • Treasurer | Terry Stack
  • Give Back | Sydney Shafer
  • Ambassadors | Todd McQuietor
  • Communications | Jana Baker
  • Holiday Party | Bershun Devereaux
  • Golf | Scott Burrus