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If you'd like to golf with us, please complete this registration form

  • If you have less than four golfers, please use the form on this page to Register, leaving the additional golfers blank

  • If you have more than four golfers, please repeat Registration on this page to list all of your golfers

  • If one of our Sponsors will be paying for you to golf, please be sure to indicate that on your Registration form

  • Please include your employee number in the "Employee Id" field

  • Registration is not confirmed until payment has been received

Please make checks payable to:

  • TLC (Technology LUV Committee)

Payments should be submitted in person or by mail starting May 1st:

1.  In person payments can be delivered to Jeff Ochoa by contacting him at Jeff.Ochoa@wnco.com

2.  To mail payments, please send them to:


Southwest Airlines
Technology LUV Committee - Golf Tournament
2702 Love Field Drive
Dallas, TX 75235-6611


Inclement Weather

In the event Brookhaven Country Club cancels or stops the tournament due to weather conditions, please remember that this is a charitable event.  All unused funds from registration fees will be donated to our Charity, and you will be provided with a souvenir golf polo.

Questions related to Golfer Registration can be directed to swatechgolf@wnco.com.